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Hey, I'm Eric. I'm a Human Potential Coach & Public Speaker with over a decade of experience of working with companies and individuals to take them from stuck to stellar

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Hey, I'm Eric

I'm a productivity performance advisor, coach and thought leader with 20+ experience in the personal development industry assisting hundreds of people achieve success. I coach corporate leaders and train their teams in the skills they need to perform at their best. My coaching background is a blend of practices that come from my personal background in life recovery, productivity performance, corporate improvement and relationship enrichment. I am heavy handed on the power of mindset and authentic communication because I understand them to be the cornerstones of all growth and success. I personally believe that opportunities and success are limitless if you are willing to put yourself out on the leading edge of what you love and hustle your ass off. It’s time ‘Live Exceptionally’!
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What My Amazing Clients Say

  • Eric Sims has been one of the most important “forces” in the transformation of my life. He can hear you fully in a way that few humans can; and give you the feedback and tools you need to succeed in any struggle. His dedication and care is undeniable. The coaching I have received from him has helped me hone in on my mental and emotional intelligence in a way I never thought possible. These days I feel more focused and driven than I have ever been and I know it is because of his teachings/guidance. Thank you Coach Sims!

    Cynthia Flores
  • I have used Eric's life coach services for over 4 years now. Eric's ability to advise through all aspects of this life, both professional and personal, is unmatched. He possesses an even temperament and is able to articulate advice in simple, practical and realistic terms. Eric has a knack for recognizing and acknowledging the aspects of spiritual, physical and relational health as well. He is then able to give sound coaching and mentorship on all of these vital areas of life. My fullest recommendation for anyone inquiring about his services for professional and personal growth.

    Gregory Silvestro

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